MEGA Launches Android App, Now On Google Play

The cloud wars are seemingly only beginning, and while enterprise mainstays like Oracle, Microsoft and Google are certainly grabbing up market share left and right, smaller players such as Box, Dropbox and even Kim Dotcom definitely have a stake in things. After the whole MegaUpload fiasco, Dotcom launched MEGA -- a file sharing / cloud service that he hopes will see more success (and less police intervention) in the market. But of course, a service these days is only as solid as the app that allows users to interface with it.

So, this week MEGA launched its first app: MEGA for Android. It's available for free right now in the Google Play Store, enabling users to browse one's MEGA account, download and upload files, sync it with your camera folder, export links, and create / move folders. Feedback is being requested, and MEGA states that an iOS app will be launched in the near future.