Meet McCaslin, Intel UMPC Platform Of Tomorrow

If you're a gadget person, really petite, or a British MI6 operative, you'll really appreciate Intel's new UMPC platform:
"Today, Intel officially confirmed its new platform at IDF. The McCaslin platform, which is now called the Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 (IUMPC2007), will be used on both UMPC and MID platforms. Given their smaller size and lower price, MIDs will more than likely use the 600MHz A100 processor while UMPCs will use the faster 800MHz A110.
The A100 and A110 are built using a 90nm manufacturing process and feature 512KB of L2 cache. The processors are a derivative core based on Pentium-M technology and feature a 400MHz FSB. Both processors have a thermal design power (TDP) of just 3W."
The fact that the CPU is has a TDP of only 3W is impressive. Sure it's easy to have a lower TPD at 600-800MHz, but we're still talking about a 90nm CPU here. Just imagine if this CPU was built on today's 65nm process technology or the 45nm technology of tomorrow.  The only bit of bad news is that it looks like the video will be powered by the GMA950 instead of the more capable X3000.
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