MediaFire Promises Dropbox Killer Dubbed ‘Project Phoenix’

First:You have to hand it to Dropbox. If other companies are claiming they have a product that “kills” yours, that means you pretty much dominate the market space. Of course, that also means that you have a target on your back, and in Dropbox’s case, MediaFire has taken aim.

MediaFire told the press that it will announce soon a product called “Project Phoenix”, which it says will be a direct challenger to Dropbox and its cloud storage and sharing service. The company says that Project Phoenix will bring “comprehensive ‘social’ and collaboration cloud storage sharing directly to mobile and native desktop users”.

MediaFire cloud
MediaFire's current cloud storage plans (Hey, they're on sale!)

Other features include automatic file syncing and one-click file sharing, and the service will cost a “fraction”of what users are accustomed to paying with Dropbox and Google Drive. Project Phoenix will land sometime in July.

The teaser announcement is all the more curious because MediaFire already has a Dropbox-like cloud storage service, not to mention other offerings such as online collaboration tools, ecommerce capabilities, and more. It’s hard to say if Project Phoenix is mostly just marketing bluster or if it will actually prove to be a powerful overhaul of MediaFire’s cloud storage service.