MediaDefender Defends Itself On The MiiVi Issue

MediaDefender, a company that provides anti-piracy solutions, has been accused of setting up a fake pirate site called MiiVi.

According to reports from around the web, the site offered unlimited free movie downloads once users downloaded their software package.

The software package is said to contain spyware that supposedly reports existing media on the computer of any unsuspected downloader.

Given that MediaDefender is involved on some level with both the RIAA and MPAA, both of whom are involved in litigation against pirates, such an act might be frowned upon when it comes time for lawyers to explain how they got their evidence.

MediaDefender CEO, Randy Saaf, is now claiming that the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding:
“MiiVi has nothing to do with the MPAA, the RIAA, or any music or movie studio. It was not even meant to be used by the general public at this time. MiiVi has nothing to do with lawsuits. The original story is a complete fabrication.”
We’ll continue to stay on top of this situation and provide you with updates as the situation develops.
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