McLaren Elva Is A Gorgeous Roofless Flagship Land Dart With 800 Horsepower

McLaren Elva Hood
I've always wanted to own a convertible, and despite not having a roof, the new McLaren Elva does not fall into that category. So, I guess I'll pass on buying one. I will, however, happily accept one as a gift, if anyone out there fancies purchasing a nearly $1.7 million supercar as a present. Options cost extra, of course, such as tacking on a 24-ct gold engine bay heat shield.

This is not a so called grocery-getter by any stretch. It falls way on the other end of the spectrum, though you could certainly get to the supermarket and back in quick fashion with the Elva's 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine harnessing 804 horsepower. Just be sure to pack a set of goggles—a windshield is not included in the $1,690,000 starting price tag (one is optional available and required in some US states).

McLaren Elva Angled

"The new McLaren Elva is a ferociously fast open-cockpit; an extreme two-seater with a bespoke carbon fibre chassis and body but no roof, no windscreen and no side windows. With every sensory input heightened, this is a car that exists to provide unparalleled driving pleasure on road or track," McLaren says.

What of the Elva name? Elva was a British sports and race car manufacturer founded in 1955. In the mid-1960s, Elva partnered with McLaren for a brief time. In a press release, McLaren says it acquired rights to the Elva name for its new Ultimate Series roadster, and so here we are.

McLaren Elva Rear

According to McLaren, the new Elva can go from 0-62 miles per hour in under three seconds, and 0-124 MPH in just 6.7 seconds, making it quicker than the McLaren Senna.

Obviously the McLaren Elva has a unique look to it, and we find it stunning. Naturally, aerodynamics went into the roadster's design, as did other functional elements.

"The appearance of the McLaren Elva is as striking and unique as the driving experience. The low nose and pronounced front fender peaks provide visual drama and at the same time enhance forward vision. Large, carbon fiber rear fenders flow from the front of the door to the rear deck, while the height of the twin rear buttresses is minimized by using a deployable roll-over protection system," McLaren says.

McLaren Elva Cockpit

Though it has no roof or windowshield, McLaren touts an Active Air Management System (AAMS) that channels air through the nose of the Elva and out the front clamshell at high velocity before being directed up over the cockpit. This creates a "bubble of calm," the automaker says.

The dual-seat cockpit comes in a variety of leather finishes, including an Enhanced Full Aniline leather with a second protective layer to the leather.

Anyone who wants an Elva will have to hurry up and collect the necessary funds—McLaren only plans on building 399 of these.