McDonald's Is Giving Away A Gaming Chair Packed With Fast Food Features, Are You Loving It?

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Food and gaming have gone together since before video games. People may have board game nights where food is served and it is no different for video games. In fact, food is so ingrained in gaming culture that people can even order food within their favorite games. It's even possible for people to order food for their favorite streamers. Of course, however you get your food, where will you sit‽ McDonald's has an answer, a gaming chair.

McDonald's has introduced a gaming chair named The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. It has a slew of features ready for your McNoms such as a fry holder, two dip-holders, a drink holder, a hot box for your food, stain-proof leather treatment, and modular armrests allowing consumers to switch their food from side to side.

mccrispy gaming chair
McDonald's McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair

Unfortunately for fans of the fast food franchise, this chair is only available as a drawing prize winner, and in Great Britain only. The name of the chair is actually named after a new sandwich introduced on Great Britain menus known as the McCrispy, a chicken sandwich. The hot box, described in the Facebook post is called a "burger 'heat zone'," note that if you cannot view that post you must be logged into Facebook.

For those of our readers within the region allowing for entry, the information on the drawing is available on this page where it outlines that you must have internet access, a Facebook Account, over 18 years old, and a resident of Great Britain.

mcdonalds mccrispy
McDonald's McCrispy Sandwich

A gaming chair is hardly the first thing McDonald's has done to ingrain themselves in gaming culture. Last year the company partnered with FaZe Clan for some specialty peripherals, interestingly enough, also to celebrate crispy chicken sandwiches. Now we're just wondering if Burger King will come up with Crown-Themed Headphones or Wendy's will give us a Baconator Mouse.

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