McDonald's Begins Serving Free Wi-Fi At Most US Locations

Hearing that "someone is working on it" is one thing, but now the home of the Golden Arches (and those "all white meat chicken nuggets) has finally done the deed. No, we're not talking about swapping out those juicy, all-beef patties for veggie slabs. We're talking about in-house Wi-Fi, and lots of it. Making good on a promise it made earlier in the year, McDonald's has rolled out free in-store Wi-Fi in "most" of its US stores. As of 1/15, the vast majority of McD's eateries should have Internet signals floating about, and all you'll need to take advantage is a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or PC.

All told, Wi-Fi has been added to around 11,500 of the company's 14,000 locations, and of course, it's completely free to those who pass by. It will be interesting to see if other fast food chains and stores in general begin to take notice here and try to mimic it. We love having free Wi-Fi at McD's, but considering that it's a "fast food" place, we aren't generally sitting down for long periods of time when dropping by for a large free and a huge tea. What would be awesome, however, is it more and more retail outlets and eateries began to copy this model. Wi-Fi is so easy to get these days that it really should be broadcast pretty much everywhere. If the place that somehow thrives on a "dollar menu" can afford to offer Wi-Fi at no charge to consumers, there's hardly an excuse for everyone else.

It's about time the Internet become truly ubiquitous, don't you agree?