Matias Reveals Quiet Pro Keyboard: "World's Quietest" Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have always been a favorite around these parts, and we're always happy to see yet another company getting into the mix. While it's arguably a niche market, with hardcore gamers producing most of the interest, Matias is hoping to garner some mainstream attention by throwing a "world's quietest" tag onto its newest mechanical keyboard. It's the Quiet Pro Keyboard, which is said to be an "ultra-quiet version" of the Tactile Pro. Citing concerns that the Tactile Pro was too noisy for some work environments, this one is said to be "no louder than a regular keyboard."

This particular one has been in the works for two years, with an entirely new keyswitch behind the thing. The company also plans to see these new switches to other companies, which is actually a pretty neat business model. The Quiet Pro will sell for $149.95, and yes, there will be different models to suit PC and Mac users. UK, German, and Nordic (Sweden, Finland, Norway) models will be released in January and are available for pre-order from The Keyboard Company.

Anyone thinking of finally joining the mechanical ranks? Once you've gone mechanical...