Math Nerds and Computer Geeks Celebrate Pi Day Today

Today is March 14, the fourteenth day of the third month (3.14) otherwise known as Pi day, a once a year occasion in which you can put aside your disdain for math (or embrace your love of math, as it were) and celebrate with fellow geeks by stuffing your face full of pie. It might not be as fun as Talk Like a Pirate Day, but hey, we're all for made up holidays that give us an excuse to do anything but work.

Alternately, you can get your full geek on over at, a website that obviously embraces the holiday and is a place you can learn more about Pi, pick up themed gear like T-shirts, buttons, and even iPhone 4 cases, send eCards, discuss with others your love of Pi, and more. sells a number of apparel to help you celebrate March 14, or Pi Day, and to ensure you stay single.

Ford Motors is getting in on the fun by posting different math questions to Reddit every 3 minutes and 14 seconds and asking the community to solve each one. The first person to solve all 42 equations correctly will receive a Reddit Gold account upgrade

"By celebrating Pi Day, we hope to get people to appreciate the impact math has in helping them get from home to work, school or the grocery store," said Gil Portalatin,a product development engineer with Ford. "Without math, the auto industry and your vehicles would look and drive completely different."
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