Mataerial 3D Printer Works On Any Surface, With Anti-Gravity Object Modeling

3D printers have been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. With them, people can build their own usable objects, as we've seen time and time again, without the dependency of a third-party. So far, many 3D printers have had a similar design - material would be printed out, layer by layer, until the final object is complete. Mataerial goes about things another way: it prints in 3D continually, and as if gravity simply didn't exist.

I highly recommend checking out the video below, as it showcases the technology better than words can:

All of the examples given in that video and on the website have involved similar-looking artsy sculptures, but the technology could be expanded-upon, and we're really not quite sure of the full potential yet. While the folks behind the product have focused on a singular color for its test subjects, color dye can be infused into this material for a seriously cool effect:

The greatest perk of Mataerial over other 3D printers is that it can print on most surfaces - walls, floors, boards, et cetera - and even while printing an arm two feet out from the wall, gravity allows it to float - even if multiple arms are built and connected to the end.

This printer is more of a proof-of-concept at the moment, so there's no release date or pricing. There's currently a patent pending on the technology, however, so we might just see it deployed by others down the road. It'll definitely be interesting to see what will become possible with this technology.