Market Leading Roku 3 Gains Voice Search, Roku 2 Gets Slightly Faster Hardware

An increasing number of cable and satellite TV subscribers are cutting the cord and joining the streaming movement, and the landscape is becoming highly competitive as a result. Through it all, Roku's managed to keep the lead in streaming, and to help ensure it continues to be a front runner, Roku today upgraded its Roku 3 and Roku 2 players, and also unveiled new ways to search and discover streaming contnet.

The upgraded Roku 3 now includes the ability to search content by voice. This is a feature that Amazon has heavily advertised with its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, and now Roku lets you do the same by speaking into the included remote -- just tap the button to activate voice search. The remote also features a headphone jack for private listening and motion control for playing casual games.

Roku 3

If you're content with the old remote and can do without the enhanced features of the new one described up, you can save a few bucks with the Roku 2, which has been upgraded to match the speed and performance of the Roku 3. It offers the same features and is also compatible with the Roku Mobile App for Android devices. What about the iPhone? Roku says it's planning to release an iOS app later this week.

Roku 2

Both boxes also take advantage of the new Roku Feed feature that allows consumes to follow entertainment and get automatic updates on pricing and availability. The feature will evolve over time, kicking off with a focus on "Movies Coming Soon" so you don't have to guess when a box office flick will arrive for streaming.

"With the biggest lineup of streaming channels available, the most comprehensive and unbiased search, and new ways to discover new movies; Roku players make it simple for consumers to stream the entertainment they want to watch on their terms," said Roku Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Wood. "Now with a fast and fun way to search by voice, we’ve made the Roku 3 – the best streaming player on the market – even better."

The Roku 3 is available now for $100 and the Roku 2 for $70.