Mark Cuban Talks Trash At Intel Extreme Masters Event, Drops $30K Worth Of F-Bombs For Charity

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban isn't known for holding his tongue, even when their are fines involved. If you thought that might change in the eSports arena, well, you'd be wrong. The billionaire trash talker dropped a couple of f-bombs at the Intel Extreme Masters tour in San Jose this past weekend, and he'll have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for doing so.

Not that he minds. In fact, after being informed on stage during a post-match interview that he was was being fined $15,000 for dropping an f-bomb, and that the funds would go to charity, he promptly asked if he'd be hit with another one if he did it again.

Mark Cuban

"F**k it!," Cuban exclaimed, much to the delight of the crowd.

His intentional outburst meant that he'd be on the hook for $30,000, all of which will go to the Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides expert help and advice for cyberbullying victims and their families.

The event was intended to raise money for the Cybersmile Foundation in the first place. It featured Cuban and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich squaring off on opposing teams in a game of League of Legends.

As for the fine, don't worry about Cuban -- his estimated net worth is around $3 billion. He's been fined over a dozen times by the National Basketball Association to the tune of over $1.6 million combined. In this instance, it was all in good fun and for a good cause.