Mark Cuban Fined $25K For Twitter NBA Comments

You know, Mark Cuban has an excellent point: Twitter may not have a business model just yet, but it can no longer say that no one's making money from it. Over the weekend, the eccentric and outspoken Dallas Mavericks owners (not to mention a media mogul in his free time) decided to lash out once more against NBA referees. Not that lashing out is anything new for Cuban, as he's been fined around $1.5 million in total and suspended from three games -- and that was from his 14 previous fines!

Shortly after a 103-101 defeat by the Denver Nuggets, Mark fired up Twitter, logged on and penned the following: "How do they not call a tech on JR Smith for coming off the bench to taunt our player on the ground ?" So far as we can tell, it currently stands as the most expensive Tweet in history at just over $1136 per word. You see, the National Basketball Association slapped Cuban with a staggering $25,000 fine for his digital comments, proving that referee bashing won't be tolerated in any public fashion, even over Twitter.

As you can see below, Mark doesn't seem to take issue with being fined, and as his past illustrates, he firmly believes in paying the price for free speech. Still, $25,000 for a single Tweet? Should've made your profile private beforehand, Mark.