Mario Converse Sneaks Might Be the Coolest Kicks Ever

Forget about your classic Air Jordan sneakers from Nike, or your Kobe 7 kicks and Lebron 9 shoes (both also from Nike). Arguably the coolest pair of sneakers ever were the Converse Weapons, which could be bought about two-and-a-half decades ago in obnoxious yellow or garish green, depending on whether you favored Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. I don't care what anyone says, if I owned a pair today, I'd lace them up every time I step on the basketball court.

Unfortunately, the Converse Weapon has long since been retired, just like the two legends who endorsed them. But if you're like me and are determined to let your geek side show with a nod towards nostalgia, Converse has another pair of awesome kicks it's getting ready to release, though of a different sort. According to, Converse Japan will release a pair Super Mario Bros. themed low-top sneakers in March 2012.

The new sneakers will ship in black or white and are made of premium leather. In place of Converse's familiar star logo is the equally familiar star icon from Nintendo's Mario franchise. Pixelated versions of Mario and Luigi strut their stuff along the back over top of the heel.

This isn't the first time Converse has flirted with Super Mario themed sneakers, but unlike the hideous high-top version it released in 2011, I could see myself rocking these new shoes to LAN parties and other locales. Take from that what you will, considering that Pac-Man, Atari, and Donkey Kong are all represented in my wardrobe.

No word on how many coins you'll have to collect to buy the 'Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. Ox," as Converse is calling them.