Mario and Luigi Decorate Nintendo's Limited Edition Silver 3DS XL Bundle

Nintendo may not be selling as many Wii U consoles as it anticipated, but in the handheld market, the company's 3DS line is doing very well. Since that's where the money trail leads, Nintendo has decided to launch a brand new, limited edition 3DS XL console for the holiday shopping season. The limited edition handheld features Mario and Luigi emblazoned on the silver-colored lid, though that's not the only place you'll find these two plumber brothers.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the fourth game in the Mario & Luigi role playing series, comes pre-installed on the limited edition console. In the game, you're thrust into Luigi's dreams and tasked with saving Pi'illo Island from a mysterious villain. Since this takes place in a dream, there's some room for creativity game mechanics, such as altering the dream world and growing Luigi into a giant.

Nintendo 3DS XL Limited Edition

The new console bundle carries a suggested retail price of $200 and is available now, though if this one doesn't float your boat, Nintendo recently announced a couple of other bundles. They include a Cobalt Blue 3DS system with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon pre-installed for $170, and a gold and black 3DS XL system with a download code for a digital version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for $220.