Marco Talks About The iPhone 3G S At TechVI

I spent some time earlier talking about the Apple iPhone 3G S launch today, with the host of TechVI, Randall Bennett, and Christina Warren from We chat about the new iPhone's performance, its reception in the market, and also give a some general impressions of the device. I'm sure my point of you won't be the popular one, but I'm always up for a good debate. You can watch the video below...

We round out our day of coverage on the iPhone 3GS with two more journos’ take on the device. First, Christina Warren from tells us that the reduced crowds might have actually played in Apple’s favor, since they haven’t seen as many emails and comments about activation issues. Marco Chiappetta from HotHardware headed down to his local store, and saw much of the same subdued environment echoed across the country. Christina is poised to pick up the phone once her upgrade pricing kicks in, but Marco still can’t live without that physical keyboard.
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