Map out your Christmas Eve shopping trip

OK, you couldn't pay me enough to go shopping on Christmas Eve, though my husband loves to see all the hapless fools who waited until it was almost too late.

But a new SatNav device developed in Spain might just intrigue me enough to give it a shot next year.

Javier Bajo of the University of Salamanca tested it out in that city's Tormes mall and shoppers and store owners both liked it. The mall has 80 stores and more than 2,400 folks used it.


Basically, the way it works is this:  Type in the info about your shopping preferencers, how much money you want to spend and if you have all day or just an hour to get it all done. The satnav device beams information to the owner about shops and their offers. You can even use it if you're just up for some window shopping or want to catch a flick or grab a cuppa joe.

OK, I still probably wouldn't go shopping on Christmas Eve, but I definitely would love to get my paws on one of these.

If you want to spend $31.50 to read all about it, you can go here.

(By the way, there are no images available of the device, but I imagined that between the satellite navigation and the portability, the above images would give a sense of what you'd be looking at.)

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