Manage Your Home's Temperature From Your Smartphone

Have you ever left for vacation and forgot to change the thermostat? Although it may not be worth flying home for, setting the thermostat a few degrees higher while you're away from home can save on cooling costs (especially if you'll be gone for a few days). Thanks to a new offering from TXU Energy, Texans can now use a smartphone to manage and adjust their home's temperature. 

The new service is available for users of the TXU Energy iThermostat. With the thermostat and new TXU Energy iThermostat mobile website (, you can manage your home's heating and air conditioning. The website is compatible with the latest models of Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Apple iPad, BlackBerry Tour, and Android smartphones. Through the website, users can view real-time temperature settings and adjust the temperature setting directly from a handheld.

“Our new mobile website allows our customers to use their smart phone to control their home’s temperatures from virtually anywhere in the world,” said Jennifer Pulliam, director of innovation for TXU Energy. “Customers want more control and information about how they’re using their energy, and our mobile website is one way they can do that.”