Man Hates Spam, So He Sues Companies To Stop It

Do you hate spam? Yes. So does everyone. So does Daniel Balsam. He hates spam so much that he's doing something about it. In fact, he has made his life one that just fights spam, all day everyday. Daniel was previously in a marketing career, but now he's a lawyer. He dropped his marketing gig and headed to law school, and he has come out of it a lawyer who sues spammers day in, and day out. He created a website to showcase his hatred for those annoying messages that clutter inboxes daily, and now he's making a living from suing the folks that send it.

He has managed to make enough money to sustain himself, which says a lot about just how much spam is out there. Around 200 billion spam messages are shot out each day, which accounts for around 90% of all email. That's a big target for Daniel, and he's after them. So far, it seems that he's winning. Of course, it's pretty hard for spam senders to justify their actions, so it doesn't seem too difficult for Daniel to get on a winning streak.

While you may assume that everyone would be in support of his actions, that's not exactly the case. Some companies say that he's just out for easy blood, with many companies settling in order to prevent fighting a costly legal battle in court. But of course, that seems to be a weak excuse; if everyone is settling, they're pretty much admitting that they're wrong, or at least admitting that they have little to no chance of winning in court.

Whatever the case, we appreciate that someone's fighting spam, and we hope that these victories lead to a decrease in the amount of rubbish that floods our inboxes.
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