Mall Santa Hops on Skype, Will Talk Red Ryder BB Guns for 10 Minutes

A bustling shopping mall in Canada is ending a more than century old tradition of having kids line up for hours to sit on Santa's knee to tell the bearded gift giver what they want for Christmas. This year they'll need to sign up in advance for a one-hour story time session on Saturday morning, in which they'll also have a chance to sit on his knee and have their photo taken; the rest of the time he'll be on Skype.

"Santa has gone digital! This year, only at the Toronto Eaton Centre, your child can have a one on one Skype with Santa!," the mall states on its website.

Parents can register their child for a 10-minute Skype session with Santa Monday through Friday from 6PM to 8PM and never have to leave their homes. The session is reportedly free, though not necessarily popular among all the parents.

I think it's sad," Heather Austin, a mom who had planned to take her 20-month-old daughter to see Santa, told the The Huffington Post.

According to the mall's marketing director Meredith Vlitas, the decision to take Santa digital this year was part of a desire to make things more fun for parents and kids, as opposed to standing in line for up to three hours, and sometimes longer.