Maingear's Remix Workstation Caters To Pros

Maingear caught our attention last year when it unveiled the F131 gaming PCs and a few delightful media center rigs, and now it's looking to catch the eyes of creative professionals with its latest offering. The Remix Creative Workstation PC makes quite clear that it's not a gaming machine, although some of the hardware would be coveted by even the most hardcore gamers around.

Designed specifically to cater to those looking to produce audio / visual content and handle graphic design, the Remix is said to be built in such a way as to "provide professionals with the tools, performance and reliability needed to maximize creativity." The internals enable it to offer "real-time image rotation, zooming, and panning," and it promises to not stutter or hang-up under intense pressure. Of course, we know even the mightiest of PCs can buckle in the right scenarios, but the hardware list on this one is indeed impressive.

Aside from offering a few Intel Core i7 processor options (including the 3.2GHz Core i7 Extreme Edition), this beast can be equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro CX GPU, which is said to be optimized to handle the rigors of Adobe CS4. As would be expected from a pro rig, this machine is liquid cooled in order to keep fan noise to a minimum, and there's room for up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM and upwards of 2TB of HDD storage space. Of course, acquiring such a workstation won't come without a premium, as you can expect to pay at least $1,999 for the baseline configuration. If that Quadro CX option has you licking your lips, you can expect to pony up another $2,000 to satisfy the craving. For those with the cash, it's available for ordering right now in Black, Silver, Electric Blue, Inferno Red, Alpine White, and Speed Yellow, though Maingear will custom brand it for those willing to pay even more.