Maingear Solo 21 All-In-One PC Has A New Look, New ‘Tude and Ivy Bridge

When it comes to all-in-one PCs, looks are as important as the tech. You can get by with a clunky system in your office, but AIOs are often in kitchens, living rooms, and other spots where visitors are going to see them. Maingear’s Solo series was pretty slick as AIOs go, but there’s no question that the redesign puts it on a new level aesthetically. Maingear announced the overhaul today and pointed to the Solo 21's clean looks, new tech, and upgradability as major draws.

Where once the Solo had three feet, it now has a single, chrome stand that sports a cut-out of the Maingear logo. It supports VESA mounts, too, which is handy if you’re eyeballing it for the living room. The speakers are hidden too. Overall, it’s a cleaner look than the previous model.

The Revamped Maingear Solo 21 AIO PC

The Solo’s guts are seeing a refresh, too. Maingear points out that the system meets Intel Thin Mini-ITX standards, making it upgradable right down to the motherboard.
The current mobo options are the DH61AG and the enterprise-oriented DQ77KB. You can go with an Intel Core i3 2125 cpu at 3.3GHz or bump up to a Core i7 3770S. The system has SSD (up to 256GB) and HDD (up to 1TB) options and starts at $899.