Maingear Outfits Quantum Shift with Intel's Xeon E Processors

Maingear knows a thing or three about building high-end gaming systems, but it's not all fun and games. The boutique system builder also constructs heavy-duty workstations like the Quantum Shift, which Maingear has just updated with Intel's new Xeon Processor E3-1200 family.

"The pairing of the new Intel Xeon E3 1200 series processors and the Asus P8B WS motherboard is a perfect addition to the Quantum Shift," said Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of Maingear. "This combo brings excellent performance at a great price giving entry level content creators a great system to get started on."

As we noted in our recent coverage of Intel's Xeon E series processors, this is some serious hardware, and it's easy to see why Maingear went in this direction. The E3-1200 Family strikes a balance between performance and cost, and with the exception of the E3-1220L, all E3-1200 processors sport four cores clocked anywhere from 3.1GHz to 3.5GHz.

By going this route, Maingear is opens the door to users looking for a budget-conscious workstation capable of 2D CAD, entry-level digital media, and 3D CAD work.