Maingear Loads F131, Potenza, and SHIFT Desktop PCs with GeForce GTX Titan Graphics

By now, you know that Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan graphics are here. (Check out our in-depth look here.) Maingear is one of the system builders to get in early on the technology, and it’s touting GTX Titan in three systems, ranging from the space-conscious Potenza to the muscle PC SHIFT.

Maingear Potenza Small Gamer

Maingear's Potenza is a space-saver.

The Potenza is a mini-ITX gamer (see our review) that takes up a mere 7.4 x 9.25 inches on your desk, so it’s not surprising that the system includes only one GTX Titan-based card. Maingear installed the motherboard so that hot air from the cards exhausts at the top of the computer, rather than the back.

Maingear SHIFT Desktop Gaming PC

This SHIFT has three GTX Titans in SLI.

Maingear also implemented that top-exhaust design in the F131 and SHIFT systems, which can hold more cards. The F131 can handle one card or two in SLI configuration, and the SHIFT supports up to three GTX Titans in SLI. Of the three systems, the powerhouse/budget buster is the SHIFT (check out our review of a non-Titan model), which has a large, custom-painted chassis to hold the latest hardware. If you’re planning to order a Maingear system with GTX Titans in it, you’ll need to hold onto your hat until tomorrow, when the PCs officially go on sale.