MAINGEAR Crashes CES With New F131 Gaming PC And Exclusive APEX Cooling

Maingear F131 Gaming PC System
Just announced at this year’s CES 2018, a familiar name in the boutique PC scene, MAINGEAR, unleashed its drool-worthy new F131 Gaming Desktop with exclusive APEX Cooling. For many of us, a boutique PC will always be that out-of-reach supermodel or European supercar that is justifiably so far out of our league. Yet neither of those luxurious commitments can handle The Witcher 3 on maxed settings while basking in rich 4K glory.

For that, you will need something like MAINGEAR’s F131 Gaming desktop, built specifically for the most discerning gamer. For this one, the company has gone a long way to create a completely customized build from top to bottom. It wields a striking but elegant design within its slim form factor.
maingear f131 apex
Maingear F131 Gaming PC Cooling System

Inside MAINGEAR has spared little to offer the absolute cutting edge for premium gamers. The F131 can be configured to meet your specific gaming needs. The systems support the latest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, the meanest processors from AMD and Intel, supporting up to 18-cores with options to include up to a whopping 64GB of memory, NVMe SSDs and more.

maingear f131 apex 3

With all that said, what seized our attention here beyond that badass custom-made chassis is the intricate and equally exclusive APEX Cooling system. The proudly announces their self-contained and fully-integrated cooling system in partnership with Bitpower a leader in PC part manufacturing and fabrication. The APEX design includes dual pumps, pressure regulated parallel cooling, flow-rate and temperature sensing. Further accommodating your water-cooling needs the F131 PC and APEX system are replete with high capacity reservoir, which fills the entire upper section of the chassis to improve performance. Buyers also have their choice of a soft tubing open-loop cooling configuration or the company’s Superstock Hardline open loop, in clear acrylic or metal tubing.

Maingear MARC II
With the F131 Gaming Desktop and APEX Cooling, MAINGEAR is also announcing its new MARC II custom paint process. This is an intricate seven-step process that looks absolutely stunning from the imagery. Owners can even upload their own artwork and styles to be custom painted on for the ultimate allure.

F131 Features:

  • New exclusive in-house designed chassis
  • Premium materials with steel core and Japanese brushed aluminium exterior
  • Tinted tempered glass side panel
  • Slim mATX form factor
  • Full controllable RGB interior and logo lighting
  • Available with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, up to the 18-core 7980XE
  • Available with up to 2x NVIDIA Titan V graphics cards
  • Up to 64GB of high speed DDR4 memory
  • Options for high speed NVMe SSDs
  • Exclusive APEX ICS - Integrate Cooling System
  • Up to a 420mm of radiator coverage
  • Options for closed loop or custom open loop liquid cooling
  • Options for MAINGEAR's True Automotive Paint Finishes with new 2018 colors including new Spectrum Chameleon Finishes
  • Options for MAINGEAR new MARC II full coverage custom artwork.
  • Lifetime US-based support

These monsters are available immediately starting at a humble $1599. Yet as we like to note, all the bells and whistle are sure to hike that price up considerably.