MAINGEAR Announces Updated Quantum SHIFT4K Workstation, Chomps at Apple

MAINGEAR’s updated Quantum SHIFT4K workstation is built for creative types who need as much firepower as possible under the hood and features 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, up to twelve SSDs or nine HDDs, and four eSATA ports.

For cooling, users can opt for the MAINGEAR EPIC 180 X2 closed-loop liquid cooling solution that promises 50,000 hours of performance and the ability to dissipate 900W of heat.

The price tag starts at $8,499, but if you’re a current Mac Pro user, you can knock a few hundred bucks off the top; MAINGEAR is offering a 10% rebate to entice you to switch platforms.


MAINGEAR ushers in the world’s first post-Apple workstation designed to meet the needs of post-production houses and editors looking for the muscle and ecosystem of fully integrated hardware and software for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

Kenilworth, New Jersey – April 12, 2012 – MAINGEAR, an award-winning custom PC builder offering custom desktops, gaming notebooks, PC workstations, updates their Quantum SHIFT4K workstation, designed for maximum scalability and performance in Adobe Creative Suite while working with 4K source material.

MAINGEAR’s powerhouse Quantum SHIFT4K PC workstations steps up the standard for workstation excellence by offering robust support for Adobe Creative Suite version 5.5. Designed to enhance workflow instead of requiring workarounds, the Quantum SHIFT 4K is a graphic and video editing PC and content creation powerhouse; courtesy of the new 8-core Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 product family that deliver up to 80% more performance vs. previous generation of Intel Xeon 5600 processors. With support for XML, EDL, and OMF import/export and networked storage, collaboration between editors and 3rd party post production houses is seamless with Quantum SHIFT 4K PC workstations. And with a wide selection of hardware options, the Quantum SHIFT 4K supports the hardware necessary to build a 4K editing PC that fits any professional editing environment. The Quantum SHIFT 4K with Adobe CS5.5 can be built to suit an existing infrastructure, not forcing the need to reinvest in new equipment.

The Quantum SHIFT 4K starts at $8,499 and can be configured with a wide variety of powerful NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions for real-time playback and editing of up to three layers of 4K footage, and muscle from Intel Xeon E5 2600 processors in multi-CPU configurations. It also supports up to 12 SSDs or 9 mechanical hard drives internally and the fastest in hardware RAID solutions for real time scrubbing and editing of uncompressed footage. Creative professionals can take digital content creation to a whole new level with this high performance workstation PC. The Quantum SHIFT 4K also supports up to four simultaneous Red Station media acquisition solutions courtesy of 4 eSATA ports, covering all Red Mag formats. It is also Red Rocket ready for enhanced transcode and playback abilities with multiple PCI-E x16 slots with active cooling. The Quantum SHIFT 4K even supports multiple Red Rocket cards for more robust performance when working with R3D files. An optional Blackmagic Design Decklink 4K solution provides uncompressed 4K capture and playback, while a second Quadro GPU can be configured for DaVinci Resolve acceleration.

The Quantum SHIFT 4K also offers MAINGEAR’s 180mm cooling solution for Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 family with the MAINGEAR EPIC 180 X2. This closed-loop, maintenance-free, 50,000 hour watercooling solution is able to dissipate up to 900 watts of heat, more than three times necessary for two Intel Xeon E5 -2600 processors. The largest closed-loop, dual processor liquid cooler on the market, the EPIC 180 X2 was built to deliver maximum performance in demanding environments and at a sound level below that of any major dual processor workstation or multi-processor platform.

“In a fast moving, fast demand creative professional environment, high-performance computing with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 family delivers the performance to move concept to production faster.” said Joe Curley, Director of Marketing at Technical Computing group, Intel Corporation. “The MAINGEAR Quantum SHIFT workstations, combined with Intel’s Xeon processors E5-2600 family, allow creative professionals to work faster and more seamless than ever before.”

Mac Pro users can take advantage of the power and performance that the MAINGEAR Quantum SHIFT 4K offers with a special incentive to switch over and receive a 10% rebate. For more information on this promotion, please visit for details.