Magellan Brings Free Traffic And Maps To RoadMate iOS GPS App

When it comes to GPS apps on the iPhone, well, where to start? It all began with Garmin's desire to make a real-deal iPhone GPS app, and thanks to the proliferation of the app store, there's been a constant flood of new apps that do similar things. Including one from Magellan. Last year, the company updated their app with iOS 4 compatibility, and with iOS 5 on the horizon, they're bringing things to 2.0. The newest build of the RoadMate Navigation app includes the Yelp API and Google local search for US, Canada and Puerto Rico, not to mention free map updates for up to three years, and free traffic updates.

The newest version also features OneTouch favorites menu and highway lane assist. Users can make or take phone calls while real-time navigation activities and routing continues in the background, and all existing Magellan RoadMate App users will receive the new app free of charge. At $59.99, it's not as cheap as Google Maps Navigation, but those free maps for three years certainly makes it quite the appealing offer over on the iOS side of things.

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