Madden NFL 25 Predicts Broncos Victory, 50,000 Computer Simulations Say Otherwise

Good news if you're a Denver Broncos fan. Every year Electronics Arts runs a simulation of the Super Bowl on its Madden game, and this year, Madden NFL 25 predicted the Broncos will defeat the Seattle Seahawks in overtime by a field goal, 31-28. If the Broncos do in fact win, Peyton Manning will become the first quarterback ever to lead two different franchises to Super Bowl victories.

Before you scoff at the simulated results, it's worth noting that the Madden NFL series has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner in 8 of the last 10 contests, including last year when it predicted the Baltimore Ravens getting off to a big lead and then holding on for the win despite a valiant comeback attempt by the San Francisco 49ers.

If you're a fan of the Seahawks, don't go drowning your sorrows just yet like this editor did when his New England Patriots came up short in the AFC Championship. For one, Madden NFL 25 didn't take into account Wes Welker dropping key passes, as he likes to do in the Super Bowl (yes, I'm bitter). Secondly, a computer simulation run 50,000 times by Prediction Machine's Predictalator has the Seahawks emerging victorious, beating the Broncos by a score of 24-21, CBS News reports.

Madden Super Bowl

That represents an average of all 50,000 simulations, in which the Seahawks won 54.8 percent and the Broncos coming out on top 45.2 percent of the time. For what it's worth, the Broncos are favored by most sports books by 2.5 points.

"Since Week 2 of the NFL season, the Predictalator’s projected Super Bowl every week was Denver vs. Seattle. To add to that, both of these teams were more than 50 percent likely to make the Super Bowl for all but two weeks in that stretch as well, a feat rarely seen by any team in any week before the playoffs started in the last decade (let alone two teams consistently)," said Prediction Machine’s Paul Bessire.

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?