Mad Catz Roars At Gamers With Highly Customizable Rat Pro X And Pro S Mice

Mad Catz is gearing up to release a new model in its R.A.T. series of wildly customizable gaming mice. The company’s mice are often pricey, and that’s certainly true of the R.A.T. Pro X, which will run you nearly $200, but the upcoming R.A.T. Pro S is on preorder for a much more reasonable $69.99. Both models look like no other mice in the industry and are pretty well guaranteed to get some attention at the next LAN party you attend.

mad catz pro S
Mat Catz R.A.T. Pro S

But as eye-catching as they are, Mad Catz mice are best known for being customizable. Swappable parts, adjustable palm rests, built-in profile memory and customizable software mean you can fine-tune your mouse like no other.

“Our R.A.T. Pro X gaming mouse is the absolute pinnacle of the art, with features and customization options that most can only dream of,” Mad Catz said in a statement. “And because of this, we think it’s the most advanced gaming mouse on the planet.”

rat pro x 01
Mad Catz Pro X

At $199.99, the R.A.T. Pro X ought to be pretty advanced. Like other R.A.T. mice, it has a wing to keep your thumb off the mouse pad, along with widely-split left- and right-mouse keys. The Pro X has a DPI button in the center for quick adjustments and a palm rest that can tilt left, right, up or down to fit your hand. The mouse comes with loads of replacement parts for the palm rest, wings, and even mouse wheel, all of which you can swap in when the mood strikes.

The most interesting swappable part is the sensor unit. The Pro X comes with three, hot-swappable sensor units ranging from 5000dpi to 8200dpi and 30G acceleration to 50G.

rat proX scroll

The R.A.T. Pro S is only a little tamer than its Pro X sibling. Mad Catz bills it as tournament-ready, with an optical Pixart 5000dpi sensor and built-in profile memory that lets you store three gaming profiles. It, too, is very customizable, but doesn’t have as many options at the Pro X. Even so, it’s a slick-looking gaming mouse.

mad catz pro S under
Mad Catz Pro S underside.

The R.A.T. Pro S is available for preorder at the moment, but Mad Catz hasn’t set a firm date yet for general availability, saying only that they’ll ship before the end of October.