MacBoook Manufacturer Suspends Production

Apple chassis manufacturer Catcher Technologies has halted production after numerous complaints of foul odors from nearby Chinese residents. Some 80 percent of Catcher's manufacturing is devoted to building Apple MacBoook chassis, which could hurt availability of Apple products if the company isn't able to restart production in the very near future. At present, the company's Suzhou facilities are shut down for inspection.

The company expects revenues to be down 20 percent in October, with a possible decline of 40 percent if the issue stretches into November. The fact that there's been a shut down at all highlights slowly shifting priorities in China, which is generally perceived as having very lax standards on pollution. Catcher is a manufacturer for a number of other brands in addition to Apple, so the company's delays could create scarcity during the critical holiday sales period.

Rumors have recently suggested that Apple may refresh the MacBoook Pro lineup in the next few weeks; there's no word on whether or not Catcher's manufacturing problems will force the company to delay any new introductions.