MacBook Air Owner Gets "Unhinged"

The MacBook Air is sort of an "edgy" laptop, but in this case an owner frustrated with Apple's handling of the much-publicized Rev. A MacBook Air hinge problems, has decided to take a knife to the beast.

According to "Haurum," who posted the video on YouTube, the MacBook Air sucks ... so don't buy one. In the video he indicates that he and six of this friends who also own the slim, highly desired laptop (although he calls it a piece of crap, instead), all have had the broken hinge problem noted above.

The biggest problem, apparently, is that Apple isn't calling it a problem covered by warranty, which is definitely frustrating owners, and particularly "Haurum," who takes a large kitchen knife to the laptop (particularly the LED screen).

While it's true the hinge problem is well-known and Apple is pursuing its normal standoffish approach to the issue (meaning they won't admit it's their fault for at least a while), we have to admit: Yes, you showed Apple. You destroyed the laptop, and also bought the ThinkPad X300 that you also highly recommend in the video. At least you are stimulating the economy and must have a decent amount of disposable income, we suppose.

Watch the destruction: