Mac vs. PC - Transformers Style

The news will probably be flowing a bit slower than usual for the next day or so, due to the Christmas Holiday. We'll still do our best to be here if something exciting happens, but in the meantime, I have a fun little tid-bit to share, just to kill some time.

If you can make it through the absolutely horrible acting in the first minute, I promise this video gets much cooler...

Mac vs. PC -- Transformers Style

I have a sneaking suspicion most of you DIYers are going to agree with the blonde's point of view, and won't side with the "winners", but so what? :) It's still a cool video. We all know what would really happen if a Mac took on a, enthusiast's killer PC; like this one. Fiction can be fun.

Speaking of cool videos, have any of you seen the new trailer for Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov's upcoming movie "9"? If you haven't I highly suggest checking it out. Not only does the movie look awesome, but I think the story line and artwork would make for a great game. Whatch the trailer and let us know what you think--it looks pretty cool, right?