Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Unofficially) Sprints to Over 2 Million Downloads

While nothing is yet official, early estimates have Apple's newly released Max OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) off to a roaring start. Furthermore, if the preliminary numbers are accurate, Mountain Lion could become the fastest deployed operating system of all time, regardless of platform. That's impressive.

Web tracking firm Chitka ran the numbers using a bit of rough math and determined that 2.11 million Mac users are now in possession of Mountain Lion. That's based, in part, on Apple's June 2012 announcement that there are 66 million Mac users in the wild.
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

"Using this figure, if we assume that 90 percent of these users paid to upgrade, OS X Mountain Lion generated $38 million in revenue for Apple in the past 48 hours."

Mac OS X Mountain Lion is an affordable $20 operating system, which is one of the reasons why it's racking up millions of downloads in such a short period of time (48 hours). It's also a compelling upgrade, offering over 200 new features.