Apple Tipped To Finally Update Mac Mini And Release Cheaper MacBook

Apple isn't exactly hurting for money with a market cap of a trillion dollars, making it the most valuable company in the world. It still wants more and to get its next trillion dollars in worth, Cupertino is looking to roll out some new products and among those are allegedly AR glasses in 2020 and an Apple Car in 2023. While we aren’t sure if those rumored products will actually launch, a pair of products that have been needing an update for years may finally be getting some new hardware.
macbook air 2

Rumors are flowing that Apple is set to finally update the long stale and underpowered Mac Mini desktop computer and the MacBook Air. Reports indicate that the new MacBook that is inbound will look similar to the MacBook Air that is currently available -- a device that has seen minimal physical/design updates since its 2010 introduction and meager hardware updates.

The big question in this rumor is will Apple simply kill off the MacBook Air name for this new notebook. The Air has been decently popular with college students wanting Apple style without shelling out as much cash. Rumors continue to peg September or October for the launch of the refreshed MacBook Air with the rig tipped to pack a 13-inch screen with slimmer bezels. It's possible that the device could even debut along side the new 2018 iPhones and next-generation Apple Watch.

mac mini 2

Some rumors floating around suggest that the Mac Mini could possibly get the Pro treatment. That would presumably bring with it much more powerful graphics, CPUs, and larger amounts of storage and RAM. At a minimum the Mini should get more RAM and modern CPUs; a Mini with up to 32GB of RAM and current-gen Intel Core CPUs alone would go a long way towards making fans of the Mini happy. The rub with all this is that the price of the Mini will certainly grow from the $499 it sells for today. Buyers are still expected to have to bring their own keyboard, display, and mouse to the party with these updated Minis.