Mac Exhibits at CES '10, But Apple, Unclear

We know that Apple has decided to eschew further Macworlds, but is it doing so in order to defect to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)? The Consumer Electronics Association has confirmed to C|Net that it plans to host a Mac-centric area at CES 2010. However, there's no word on if Apple plans to participate.

"We decided to create this special area based on discussions we've had with companies regarding 2010 show participation. We are pleased with the feedback we've received regarding this space," CEA said in an e-mail to C|Net.

CES and Macworld generally run during the same week, at least of late.

When Apple first said it was pulling out of future Macworlds, it said it was doing so because it had far more ways to reach consumers than trade shows. A move to CES would therefore be surprising in one way, but not in another: perhaps Apple just wanted out of IDG's Macworld (they've always had a contentious relationship with IDG).

On Friday both AppleInsider and Cult of Mac noted the possibility of Apple moving to CES in earlier stories.

Our question would then be: who gets the keynote? Steve Ballmer (or some other Microsoft exec) or Steve Jobs (or some other Apple exec)? Tough choice, tough choice, though if one made the pick based solely on recent success, perhaps not.