LulzSec Takes Down the CIA Website

Apparently offended by a random Twitter user who basically called them small potatoes as the group had been picking on relatively small targets such as Eve Online and others, LulzSec has pulled off their biggest hack ever: they have, according to the group, taken down

The CIA site is again up, as least for now. The Twitter user, @Quadrapodacone, said that a DDoS attack on these sites was easy and not really hacking. He also challenged them to hack or

While LulzSec has indeed taken down, as @Quadrapodacone said, anyone can create a botnet and use the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) or some similar tool to DDoS a site. The LOIC is so simple, anyone can use it.

@Quadrapodacone isn't impressed by LulzSec taking down Expect to see something else, like LulzSec breaking in and getting passwords or at least server logs, before this is through.

The challenge and response came shortly after LulzSec announced a "Dial-a-Hack" hotline.