Love, Revenge, And The Internet

When most people think about revenge on the Internet, they might think of signing someone up for unwanted e-mails or even changing passwords to various accounts.  If one really wanted to get spiteful they could try adding a Wikipedia entry, writing nasty a nasty blog, or the ever-so-popular removing someone from your MySpace friends list.

Pilar Stofega of Connecticut had a much more devious plan in mind when she decided to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend:

“Waterford police say she created phony profiles of the former boyfriend's current wife on some adult Web sites that included the wife's home and work phone numbers and high school yearbook picture.

Stofega said she did to it "to be vindictive, knowing that the profiles would create marital problems between" the victim and her husband, according to court documents.”

Stofega was released after putting up $2500 in bail, but she is due to appear before the New London Superior Court on Monday.
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