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Good morning HotHardware fans!  How's everybody doing today? I hope you're all doing well. I, myself, am walking around in a fog. I've been benchmarking like a fiend for the past week or so, and yesterday was the first day in a while that I didn't have to run any numbers. It was weird, I think I'm went through some form of withdrawal! And to top it off, I went to bed WAAAY to early last night, and slept too much.  I think my brain hasn't switched on yet. Oh well, it's nothing some coffee and reading a few tech articles can't fix...

 Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 & ATi Silencer 4 @ The Crucible:

"The Arctic Cooling NV5 and ATi4 Silencers provide excellent cooling, low noise and a decent price. Not to mention the added head room for overclocking. I would say that Arctic Cooling has a real winner with their new Silencer line."

 Tt SilverRiver Drive Enclosure Review @ Overclocker Cafe:

"Removal of the top tray was clean and easy.  Inside the enclosure we find an 80mm cooling fan.  What is interesting is how this draws and expels air.  The left vent we saw on the SilverRiver's bezel and the rear venting we already noted are exhaust while the right vent on the front bezel is the air intake.  The fan spins at 1500 RPM and during operation was barely audible."

 ABIT Radeon RX600XT-PCIE Review @ ClubOC:

"It looks like PCI Express is here to stay. Standard PCI has done a great job for the past ten years, but now it can no longer keep up with today's technology. PCI Express is here to replace PCI with a blazing fast data transfer rate of up to 4GB/sec up and down. In fact, PCIE is so fast that it has been chosen by graphics card companies to replace current AGP technology. AGP only has a data transfer rate of up to 2.1GB/sec one way, so with such a huge boost in performance, you can easily see why the industry is rapidly adopting PCIE."

 ABIT AA8 DuraMAX Motherboard (Intel 925X) @ Bjorn3D:

"ABIT is probably not a name that many of you are unfamiliar with. Always innovating and striving for top performance, ABIT has been an industry leader for over 15 years. When you think about the top enthusiast-oriented motherboard and video card manufacturers, ABIT will definitely make the list. The company produces many of the best performing products on the market."

 HIS Excalibur X600XT Limited Edition PCI Express Videocard Review @ Tweaknews.net:

"HIS's X600XT proved to be an excellent choice if you looking at a more affordable PCI-E videocard option, but still want an excellent card with some excellent features. In this case, the software bundle was second to none and the additional perks like the ramsinks and large VPU cooler will allow the buyer to squeeze a little more free performance out of this videocard for the dollar. This card is all about the extra value for your hard earned dollar."

 Lite-On SOHW-1633s 16x DVD -RW Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMHz:

"We have already looked at a couple of highly anticipated 16x DVD writers and were impressed with their feature set and performance.  Lite-On Corporation, a respected name in optical storage drives, has now joined in with the release of their new SOHW-1633S.  Featuring 16x DVD R writing and support for double layer media, this drive supersedes their already highly popular SOHW-832S thanks to the higher read/write support.  Unlike a majority of other drives on the market, Lite-On drives usually offer higher media compatibility.  Today, we have the pleasure of taking it for a spin and see just what improvements, if any, have been made."

 Global WIN Leleel 450 SAF Power Supply @ System Cooling:

"Global WIN has introduced a new line of power supplies and they sent us one of their SAF Leleel 450 units to review. SAF stands for: Super Silent, Active PFC, and Fan Control. The Leleel 450 incorporates a micro control chip to achieve an optimum balance between cooling and noise reduction. The new Global WIN power supply arrived sporting a black-titanium coating, tinted windows and a two unique LED displays to indicate power supply load and temperature status."

 Maxtor's Atlas 10K V SCSI hard drive @ Tech-Report:

"Maxtor's new Atlas 10K V is packed with 73.5GB platters and available in capacities up to 300GB. With a 10K-RPM spindle speed, seek times between 4.0 and 4.9ms, and a maximum sustained transfer rate of 89MB/sec, the Atlas 10K V should be no slouch when it comes to performance, either. Read on for more on what the Atlas 10K V offers and how its performance compares to a handful of 10K and 15K-RPM SCSI drives, plus a couple of Serial ATA Raptors."

 SteelPad S&S Mousing Surface Review @ GruntvillE.com:

"The S&S pad itself is definitely on the large side measuring Length 320mm Width 270 mm, but it's also incredibly thin. It measures just 2mm tall. One of the first things you'll notice when picking it up is the rather odd feeling pad backing. It is not rubber feet or foam rubber but rather a motley applied rubber type finish that reminds me of the spray on Rhino truck bed liners. It looks almost splatter painted but once you feel it, the sticking effectiveness is easily understood."

That should hold you over for a while!  Be cool brothers and sister!  See ya soon...

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