Look-Out Google Fiber, VTel Vermont To Offer Gigabit Internet Speed At $35 A Month

You know, it's hard to be picky. Google Fiber, or a local fiber company -- so long as the Internet speeds trump those provided by generic coax-based ISPs, who are we to complain? Numerous towns around the nation, including many in Tennessee and even the small town of Wilson, North Carolina, have their own small-scale fiber ISPs. These companies compete directly with the huge cable and DSL providers, and now, also with Google Fiber in a handful of cities around the U.S. But when you think of Vermont, one of the least populated states in the nation, you probably don't think of the world's quickest connection speeds.

But maybe you should. Vermont Telephone Company, which covers around 17,500 homes in Vermont, is branching out in order to offer gigabit-level speeds to homes for as low as $35 per month. It's relying on a newly installed fiber network, and so far, around 600 homes are signed on. We're guessing the vast majority of the homes it covers will be on soon, just as soon as word can adequately spread. VTel was reportedly able to string fiber along 1,200 miles by using $94 million it received in stimulus funds. It's actually becoming a familiar tale. To date, over 700 rural phone companies have started the switch to fiber, and we're hoping that as this gains steam, it'll put pressure on the giant ISPs to drop prices, invest in fiber, or simply become more competitive.