Logitech Unveils Customizable G Pro X 60 Wireless Keyboard For Pro Gamers On The Go

hero pro x 60 pro inspired 60
Logitech G has unleashed its new compact professional-grade Logitech G Pro X 60 wireless gaming keyboard. The company touts its new 60 percent keyboard as one that meets the evolving needs of pro-gamers, which is a vague claim, but it's underpinned by some nifty features.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, many would argue that smaller is often better. The 60 percent keyboard has gained a lot of attention, as it provides more room for gamers to make the wide, sweeping actions needed with mouse movements required for pro-level FPS competition. The smaller size also makes it ideal for positioning the keyboard to fit the need of each individual gamer, and easier to pack when heading to competitions. So says Logitech's marketing team, anyway.

“The Pro X 60 is the perfect fit for players who need a keyboard that can adapt to any setup and condition,” explained Michaela ‘mimi’ Lintrup of G2 Esports, Valorant. “It’s also super easy to carry around when traveling. I love it.”

Logitech G also took into account that with a smaller keyboard comes fewer keys. In order to ensure that players have all the critical keys needed for pro gamers, the Pro X 60 introduces a new feature called KEYCONTROL. This offers gamers customization capabilities that Logitech G says goes “far beyond what a standard keyboard delivers.” To be more specific, it allows users to assign up to 15 functions per key, which can also be combined with G-SHIFT to map mouse buttons as well.

pro x 60 play at lightspeed feature

“We have years of experience designing and building keyboards and switches for and with pro gamers,” remarked Brent Barry, Head of Esports and Pro Series at Logitech G. “Through our unique collaboration with players, we gathered important insights that played a key role in our design of the Pro X 60 and highlighted the need for KEYCONTROL.”

Additional features in the Pro X 60 keyboard include: Dual-short PBT keycaps, LightSync RGB lighting, a game mode switch, volume roller and media controls, Bluetooth connectivity, a 2:1 LightSpeed adapter, and a semi-hard carrying case.

The Pro X 60 is currently available for preorder for $179, and is available in black, white, and pink. It is scheduled to be available at participating retailers in late April.