Logic Wireless Builds Projector Right Into Mobile Phone

First it was the influx of the pico projector, and now it seems that the projector-equipped phone is the next "big thing." Okay, so maybe we're jumping the gun a bit there, but it is sort of interesting that not one, but two projector phones have surfaced during the same month in the lead-up to CES 2010.

Just a few weeks after LG introduced its eXpo smartphone with an optional snap-on projector, Logic Wireless is now selling a similar device online--though its phone has the projector permanently built in. The 150LGW doesn't look all that different from mobile modern mobile phones, and we guess that's the point. It looks relatively normal, yet there's an actual projector inside. Pretty wild stuff.

The integrated projector can beam out images from 5" to 64" in size, though we suspect that you'll need a fairly dark room to really take advantage. It also has dual cameras, twin SIM slots,  Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Viewers, a quad-band GSM module, Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery. There are no details on an operating system, but it's available now in unlocked form for $499. T-Mobile USA and AT&T customers could pick it up and use it right away, though we wouldn't bank on the 3G bands working on both (or either).