Lockheed Martin Tech Program Allows Start-Ups To Pitch The Government

The start-up universe has bloomed into something that even the mainstream is paying attention to, and as if Silicon Valley wasn't churning out enough new stuff, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made it possible for companies all over the world to bring their ideas to life in a major way. But there's also a entity that spells tons of money each year on new technology, oftentimes out of the public eye. That would be the U.S. government, which counts branches such as NASA and the Department of Defense as its own. And evidently, these branches need an injection of fresh ideas from the outside, and Lockheed Martin is stepping up in order to facilitate a new line of communication between outside innovators and internal entities.

The company has just launched an initiative aimed at expanding its collaboration with Silicon Valley companies to meet the diverse technology needs of the federal government. Called the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley Alliance, this technology hub will provide the federal government with greater visibility into innovative technology solutions developed locally, including affordable software and cyber security solutions. For example, a game developer's software could improve the realism of a military simulation system. Technology companies will gain greater access to Department of Defense, NASA and other U.S. government markets, with Lockheed Martin facilitating partnerships that mature innovations into products that meet federal requirements.

Companies interested in participating may register at the following web page: https://lmco.sbirsttr.dodapps.com/silicon-valley-alliance

Of course, unlike Kickstarter, there's no promise here that your application will even get a sniff, but should you land your own government contract, something tells us your innovation won't have any issues coming to fruition.