Liquid Compass Cloud Streaming Comes To Android

Clouds and streaming seem to be everywhere these days, and in a lot of cases, the two overlap. Liquid Compass may not be a totally familiar name, but with the explosion in growth when it comes to cloud streaming, we're guessing they'll be more well known soon. The company currently provides streaming services to the radio industry, and they've just announced that their next-generation LC PRO-M mobile streaming app for terrestrial and internet-only radio stations is now available for smartphone devices running on the Android operating system.

Broadcasters on the Liquid Compass Streaming Delivery Network can now offer tune-in options based on their listeners’ mobile device preferences --Android or iPhone -- and additional devices are expected to be supported in the coming months. “Now Playing”, “Social Networking”, “Favorites” and “On-demand” capabilities benefit broadcasters and their end-users in a number of ways, including: station branding for the broadcaster, allowing them to maintain their desktop streaming experience through one of five available “skins” (custom or advertiser- branded skins are optional) at all times while the listener is tuned in; and functionality for listeners, allowing them to “rate”, “like” or “tag” songs for later purchase without having to leave or close the app. Listeners can also make updates to their Twitter or Facebook pages directly through the mobile app.

Does the mobile world really need another streaming music option? Maybe not, but as far as options go, this one's definitely more unique than not.