Liquavista's Wicked E-Ink Technologies Could Revolutionize E-Readers

LCDs may be neat, plasmas may be entertaining and projectors may be awe-inspiring, but e-ink is the future. With the e-book reader revolution fully upon us, there's little doubt that e-ink manufacturers will be pumping out mind-blowing new modifications to improve upon the greyscale versions that we're used to.

Liquavista is aiming to be one of the first to break the mold, and if the video posted below is any indication, this company may have something special in store for future-generation readers from Sony, Plastic Logic and Amazon. The LiquavistaBright technology is faster, brighter and more responsive than existing e-ink technologies, enabling users to see their doodles quicker, turn pages faster and see web pages pop up more hastily. If you've ever used an e-reader, you know just how sluggish the screen refresh is. In fact, the monochrome reflective display even boasts video capability, which is a first for e-ink. Can you imagine watching an actual movie on your next Kindle or Nook? Pretty wild idea.

Like other e-ink displays, this one also boasts indoor/outdoor viewability, and while actual technical details about the three major platforms (LiquavistaBright, LiquavistaColor and LiquavistaVivid) are still under wraps, the video pretty much says it all. Also, take note that the camcorder refresh rate and the screen refresh rate were in sync all of the time, so any jaggies you see aren't actually there. Product implementation is planned for 2010/2011, so get ready!