Linux-Powered, $35 Raspberry Pi Computer Up For Pre-Order

Is Linux finally ready to take the world by storm? Probably not, but on the same day that Microsoft is promising the next major look at Windows 8, RS Components will be offering up the most highly-anticipating Linux-based product in years. The Raspberry Pi $35 computer went on pre-order today to those in the UK, with servers being initially crushed by traffic and demand. It's a credit card sized single-board computer, and was said to be created for educators, programmers, developers and IT enthusiasts. Clearly, all of those are interested.

RS was selected as a distribution partner for Raspberry Pi because, in the eyes of the Foundation, it connects with engineers across the globe throughout their careers. As such, the company is well positioned to provide Raspberry Pi adopters with support, advice and access to additional resources as they embark on new development activities. It was particularly impressed with the DesignSpark community and resources provided for new developers working on Open Source designs.

"RS has always been a trusted and reliable partner for engineers across the globe. The RS DesignSpark community and their free PCB design software connects with engineers throughout their career, and is being adopted by many universities around the world," said Eben Upton, founder and trustee of Raspberry Pi. "This ethos of providing resources for engineers, along with the company's support for open source design, makes RS the ideal distribution partner for Raspberry Pi."

Glenn Jarrett, Head of Marketing, Electronics, at RS Components, added, "Raspberry Pi provides a revolutionary low cost platform, which opens up programming to a whole new audience. We are very honoured to have been chosen to work with the Foundation as a distribution partner at the launch of this exciting new tool."

Here's hoping the folks behind the project can find a little more bandwidth, and hey, congrats on making Linux trendy!
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