LinkedIn Shoves Past MySpace as No. 2 Social Network in the U.S.

The sexiest social network on the block right now has got to be Google+, and you probably spent the last several days either trying to secure an invite, or tossing friends and family into Circles. Facebook is still the most popular social hangout, and MySpace recently made headlines for changing hands for a much lower price than News Corp. originally paid for it. But why isn't anyone talking about LinkedIn?

Perhaps they should be. According to new data from comScore, LinkedIn had 33.9 million unique U.S. visitors in June, an increase of around 500,000 from one month prior. That was enough for LinkedIn to leapfrog MySpace and become the second most popular social hangout on the Web in the U.S.

If there's a silver lining here for MySpace, it's that the social network has around 130 million active users, which is 15 million more than LinkedIn. Still. MySpace's monthly unique visitors in the U.S. dropped to less than 33.5 million in June, down from about 35 million a month prior.

Facebook is the still the king, of course (at least until everyone flocks to Google+), and attracted 160.8 million unique visitors in June, which is more than double that of LinkedIn and MySpace combined.