LinkedIn Invites Users to Follow Updates from Industry Influencers

If you use LinkedIn much at all, you’ve seen prominent role people’s status updates are taking in spurring conversation at the professional networking site. LinkedIn is looking for ways to improve that communication, so it’s launching what amounts to a panel of industry influencers who will be providing frequent and (hopefully) substantive updates. You can follow these pros, much as you would on Twitter.

LinkedIn's New Influencer Updates

You can follow the updates of  a new group of "Influencers" on LinkedIn.

It’s an interesting approach and the lineup of influencers doesn’t look shabby at all. Outside the tech industry, you’ll find politicians, well-known journalists, and CEOs. Of course, you’ll find plenty of tech experts, too, including Guy Kawasaki, Kai Fu Lee, and Tim O’Reilly. Influencers seem to have few rules as far as what they can post: they can post regular updates or longer form pieces and series.

LinkedIn plans to expand the list and it’s looking for influencers right now, so head over if you think you should be helping to shape the conversation on the site.