Like Valve, Blizzard Denouncing Windows 8 as Bad for PC Gaming

Game developers Valve and Blizzard don't always see to eye-to-eye, such as when the two companies argued over which was the rightful owner of the DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) trademark. But one thing they do agree on is that Windows 8 could be a "catastrophe" for PC gaming.

Valve drew first blood against Microsoft's upcoming touch-friendly operating system when company founder Gabe Newell went on record calling Windows 8 "kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space." Newell believes the industry will lose some top-tier PC/OEMs when Windows 8 arrives, and because of that, Valve is looking to hedge its bets on Linux by porting Steam over to the open source ecosystem.

Windows 8 Start Screen
Talking heads from Valve and Blizzard both agree that Windows 8 is bad for PC gaming.

Newell's assessment seems harsh, but he's not the only one fearful of Windows 8's impact on PC gaming. Rob Pardo, Executive Vice President of Game Design at Blizzard, shares Newell's concerns. Referring to Newell's catastrophic claim, Pardo stated on Twitter that Windows 8 is "not awesome for Bizzard either."

This could all be just a premature knee-jerk reaction to an OS that hasn't even shipped yet, but it certainly doesn't look good when two of the biggest game developers start predicting gloom and doom.