Lightning Strikes MSI's N580GTX and R6970 Videocards

NASA tells us that "contrary to popular misconception, lightning often strikes the same place twice." This would certainly explain why MSI is launching not one, but TWO 'Lightning' videocards, the N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning.

These cards play for different teams obviously, the N580GTX representing Nvidia and the R6970 entrenched in AMD's camp. But both cards sport many of the same features, including MSI's Power4 architectures with all kinds of component upgrades, like a PWM module that's twice as large as previous Lightning cards. Memory has its own indepedendent power supply using an 8-pin connector to better help with overclocking, and MSI says its next-generation Proadizer capacitor increases signal stability "by leaps and bounds."

Other features include MSI's Twin Frozr III cooling solution with double the amount of airflow compared to conventional fans, military class components, and Triple Overvoltage technology courtesy of MSI's Afterburner v2.1.0 overclocking utility.

No word yet on price or availability.