Life Gets a Little More Digital with Cloud Storage for Warranties

Record keeping is a prime target for cloud storage services. Bank statements, checks, insurance records, receipts – any paper record that might get lost in disaster is something that you can store online, and many services are more than happy to help you do it, often for a fee. But one type of record you probably haven’t thought to put in the cloud is the product warranty, and that’s where Warranty Hotel, would like your business.

The good news is that basic accounts are free. You sign up and enter the account via your computer or the Android, iPad, or iPhone app. (The apps aren’t free – you’ll need to access the site with a browser to avoid spending some cash.) Then, you start entering your warranty info, which you can do by taking pictures and manually entering data, among other entry options.

Warranty Hotel For iPhone

The Warranty Hotel app for the iPhone.

Warranty Hotel is working on convincing retailers to print special codes on their receipts. If/once they start showing up on your receipts, you’ll be able to use them to enter warranties even more quickly. U.S. retailers aren't printing the codes yet, but Warranty Hotel tells us that it has some deals in the works. In the meantime, you can enter as many warranties as you like on your own.
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